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The Encoding and Transcoding Superguide

So what’s all the fuss about with encoding?

Expert reference from those who make encoding and transcoding solutions for a living, to help companies such as yours get the job done efficiently and most cost-effectively.
The Ultra HD/4K Superguide

With YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon already making 4K announcements with content partners this year, it’s now just a matter of consumers upgrading our pipes and screens. Considering “disposable” is the new “affordable” when it comes to mobile devices, it won’t take long. For our industry, this is one promise that we are going to live up to, once the OTT market settles down and finds a level of normalcy.
UltraHD/4K Superguide

The Enterprise Video Superguide

The purpose of this Superguide is to give you direct access to significant companies that build enterprise solutions and have proven track records with real customers. There’s enough data out there to show that the enterprise video spend is going to double within 5 years from where it is today. The real question is how are you going to keep up with the Joneses? This is where we’ll leave it to the pros.
Live Streaming Superguide

Putting together a live streaming event is like trying to figure out what to put on the enormous burrito at your local fresh-Mex restaurant.

There are so many options that it’ll take years to try them all, but usually you’ve got about a week, or if you’re really lucky, an entire month. Not only are we dealing with a lot of moving parts, we’re dealing with several different interconnected machines, each with their own moving parts. That's where this Superguide comes in. This installment, the Live Streaming Superguide features leading solutions that will get the job done seamlessly, reliably, and cost effectively.
Live Streaming Superguide

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